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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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from the tower camera. clouds are forming in the west valley and there is a chance of storms tonight. this is video from flagstaff. this is not snow. it is hail. (by some of the storms that are creeping into the valley right now. paul is monitoring the storms we will have an update coming up in a few minutes but first we are turn backup jesse wilson has not been seen in a month after his mother said he wandered away from their home. buckeye police released a report from april when a neighbor found jesse wandering around outside at 4 am. the neighbor who found tim told us the child was hungry and his wife gave himself into heat and he told us with a boy was returned to his mother he
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the middle of the nyc scared to go home there is nothing in the report indicate police went inside jesse's home to investigate what was going on with this child. yesterday police and the fbi and deputies searched the desert and they told us they did not find anything. police have set up a tip line hoping they get information that can lead them to jesse. take a look at the number on sexual boy went missing from his phoenix home and a man believes he knows where he is and that quest to find the boy has a perfect stranger going to great lengths. donna joins us live from the newsroom with the story. >> back in 1974 gary went missing but his parents never filed a report.
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20 years after that a private investigator hired by the brothers is working on his own time and time to bring them home. >> my name is mike. that is the fence line. i am a private investigator out of billings montana with delete investigation. >> from montana to the desert outside of maricopa the private 42-year-old cold case. >> is a lost six-year-old boy who fell through the cracks. >> you disappeared from his phoenix home in 1974 and is presumed dead. their brothers are convinced the mom killed the boy and buried the body. police looked at this 3 acre parcel of land still owned by the boy's mother holding the key to the case. >> i believe gary is buried out
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first disappearance did a partial search of the property and found nothing. the entire property needs to be searched so he is taking aerial pictures and video to give to an expert and body retrieval and a company with ground penetrating radar to see if they can help. he has been told the cost is what stop them from doing a he is hoping if he raises the funds that they will agree to get a search warrant >> 40 years this little boy has been missing, presumably buried here on this land and it makes me sick. i want to find tim. >> they consider the investigation and open case. they were not able to confirm that if enough money is raised that they would seek a search warrant to search the property.
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thank you donna. phoenix police are checking hundreds of leaves as they try to catch this serial killer. this is the man that has killed seven people since march. 2 others have been injured. if you know who this man is you are asked to call police at 480 witness. there is a $50,000 reward being offered in this case. a woman faces charges after police say she accidentally shot her boyfriend in the face killing them. this happened at the motel 6 at 51st ave. and mcdowell. gabriela hardy was with rosario glioma she grabbed a rifle which accidentally fired. police have charged a hearty with negligent homicide. >> a man who got fired from his job did not take the news well. police say he took out his
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we are told what we are seeing is the former employee of this midas service center taking a key and running it down the length of his bosses corvette. nicholas luster and is charged with criminal damage for the shop manager and car owner said he did not expect it. >> when he left he took a key to the car. went down the driver side and of course we got on the camera and how many times have we been le i have been let go a couple of times and never decided to do anything like that. >> the owner is looking at a $4000 repair bill to restore his car. >> opponents of legalizing marijuana spent today fighting the ballot measure in court. they are trying to get a maricopa county judge to bar the initiative from a november @ la because a short
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provision and left us a major matters. daily show five of the 22 major components in the summary. the judge said a decision could come on monday. fans are soaking up the sons were the cardinals kickoff their preseason and less than 2 hours and paul horton is out there. and it is muggy so how is that going out there? >>reporter: everyone is so you remember our spot hanging out at the university of phoenix stadium. we have the hayseeds in the swanson's. you know you are at the most unbelievable tailgate would have the most famous person in the world, valerie the nature. she knits while she tailgates. she is preparing for the winter temperatures in the valley to tailgate. we will show you what the hastings in the swanson's are
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satellite radar, we have some thunderstorms. tahoe basin, thunderstorms in the west valley fizzled out but take a look as you can see east of us started to see some thunderstorms develop but temperatures outside right now knew the triple digits cooling down to the mid-90s by nine and lower 90s by 11 with clear skies. barbecue and look at that. we are cooking up some broad's and getting ready for the big games it starts at seven. can i hear a go cardinals everybody? go cards. super bowl or bust. back to you. >> in knitting, grilling and football. he find the most interesting comment?combinations. >> a new controversy is brewing in at the center of it all, the
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upset about one of the locations where the game is being played. >>reporter: i am here in a sacred place a cemetery where most of the granite mountain hotshots are very. this location happens to be a pokimon go hotspot where players can track down their favorite character and that does not sit well with folks in the community. jaclyn colyer is a mom with a six-year-old son pokimon all the time. she does not have a problem with the game but she has a problem with one of the places where the game can be played. she recently learned the arizona pioneer cemetery in prescott is a pokimon go hotspot which she insists is not appropriate considering the fact that more than a dozen granite mountain hotshots are buried here. three years ago 19 firefighters were killed nearby in a hill fire. the concern mom said playing a game on these gravesites is disrespectful.
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of the trinity. it is new and fresh and they have created a nice spot for the family members and loved ones and friends to sit and pay their respects and to see people walking around on their cell phones and whatever it is, i don't think it's appropriate at all. >>reporter: there has not been any reports of kids running over gravesites and you can bet the families of these firefighters hope it stays that way. coming up next, the state of louisiana is trash. wait until you see how much rain fell. plus, the punishment for a florida man caught on camera
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crew members and passengers. it happened on a jet blue flight. nine people were taken by ambulance to a hospital. the rest of the passengers made it to their destination. to my computer experts have figured out a way to check into a keyless entry system on volkswagens. since 1995 arvel verbal. pets had to be rescued from a flooded neighborhoods in eastern louisiana. roads are blocked near the mississippi state line and have seen 10 inches of rain since last night with. a wrecking ball hit the wrong building in new york city last labor day gust of wind allowed it to swing into the 12th floor of three world trade center that is still under construction. >> a florida man accused of stealing a car decided to break
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that did not amuse the judge who hit them with more than $18,000 in fines.
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it's a big, unusual and important job. lab techs have to test protective gear crews use in the field while they are working. these tests are rigorous and mistakes are not an option. >>reporter: if a crew uses it as protective gear, it's tested in the safety lab. >> those are used the most. they are used by at the electricians and their out doing work on the line. tran27 thousand gloves come through a year in 1500 blankets.
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electrical tests. they're looking for two things. see if they can withstand the voltage, 40,000 and for any signs of weakness. >> if the glove is starting to get bad and it doesn't fail it will go above the set point. >>reporter: all of the gloves also get an inflation test so when fully inflated they inspected visually to look for any damage. >> we catch 95% of bad gloves when we do the inflation test. the bad gloves of blankets are thrown away and the good stuff is sent out into the field. each item is tested every six months for federal regulations. these technicians have no room for error. >> the product that leaves here has to be 100% because
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we make a mistake. kpho -- >>reporter: amanda goodman cbs five news. >> hillary clinton released her tax return. last year she earned 10 a half- million dollars and they pay 10% to charity, the vast majority went to her husband's foundation and she is putting pressure on trump to release his. he said he cannot until an audit is completed aren't released, he will be the first candidate in 40 years to not make them public. let's go back out to glendale. paul howerton enjoying some sunshine in temperatures. >>reporter: preseason this is exciting. we are talking football we have a lot of folks setting up.
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and the birdcage. they brought everything. they are getting warmed up and the tailgaters say this is a preseason. they are getting their livers ready they're getting their setups ready to make sure they are prepared for what could be a super bowl season. less talk about the weather show you what is going on. you can see some showers and thunderstorms taking place but a lot of the shower started to die down. the university of phoenix stadium sitting at 99. it's muggy listing points in the 70s and the future cast is showing clear skies and terrific conditions for checking out the meteor shower and mid-60s at 6 am.
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one and we will see temperatures warm up around 105 with the clear conditions they will continue to heat up and take a look at the forecast 106 on sunday and on monday in temperatures staying up and no activity in the forecast with a high of 107. this is pre-hilarious. mike is walking around. opening day patriots but there is somebody who is not playing. tom brady because of this. deflated football's and mike, you are a liar full-time but you invented this. >> i went to college in new england and every time a new england team would be my team, my friends would give me so much grief so basically i thought how can i get back at them and this was it so we got
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gate and i want to see thousands of people wearing it so we can give the patriots what they deserve. >> thanks for sharing that. i'm going to wear that for the game september 11. there are some spots open. the cardinals preseason starts today. >> the fans are getting their livers in shape for the season. that's great. research has found the me than the united states. they estimate that the sharks they grow half an inch a year can live to about 400 years old. >>reporter: they have been lurking in the depths for centuries, looking like half blind weatherbeaten rocks then killer sharks.
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, the only predator is other greenland sharks. the scientists say they determine the ages by looking into their eyes per the lens is made up of proteins that build up over time. they're able to cart them out? count them out like rings on a tree. the largest shark was most likely 392 years old give or take 120 years. they found one important timestamp. >> nuclear bombs were being tested and we could see radiation in their eyes and we go deeper and estimate is three or 400 years when these sharks were born. >> baths before george washington was a twinkle in his father's eye. around the same time galileo started staring up at the stars and understanding the secret to
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their own longevity. soon it these sharks are functioning into their 100th. to them, it's a normal life. if we can learn from them, hopefully each of them can live longer. polar bears, rained art -- reindeer and moose, they will gobble up anything the slides off the ice. one of the most magnificent
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the annual meteor shower without the skies across the country overnight but you may
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light pollution but you don't have to go far to get a look at the spectacle. head to the grand canyon. >>reporter: the grand canyon is stunning by david saying the park this way is half the story. recently astronomers gathered for a party and annual event that is the story because the grand canyon was named the newest park to be certified as a dark sky. there is no light pollution preventing people from seeing the light sky and all of its wonder. >> you are talking about one of the national parks -- biggest national parks. >>reporter: getting dark sky certified is a long process. it took them two years and 5000 lights inside the park had to be replaced.
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is gone. >> rangers say even the smallest amount of light can ruin your view of the light sky and as evening fades you can see in person exactly why this project was so important. 66% of the worlds population lives in areas that have too much light pollution to see the
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olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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pest-control companies say we are seeing a lot of scorpions turning up across the valley but people in one neighborhood say they are getting hit hard. derek joins us live with details. >>reporter: august is the peak of scorpion season because of the weather but people think that loop 202 expansion has made things worse. homeowners say it has changed the topography and forced scorpions their way and it
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i had one in my shoe. i was stung four times by the scorpion and it was horrible. >>reporter: larry lee has lived here for over a decade and has never seen a scorpion problem like this. >> we have had three scorpions in our home in 13 years and last six months we have had eight in the house paid i have had to increase spraying twice a month and i am killing 3 to 6 every 19 mallard. >>reporter: one of our producers had a scorpion in his brush for the loop 202 expansion, crickets and other prey moved to spots with more vegetation like the neighborhood. after the insects came the scorpions. the preventive spraying some people are opting for, the problem will only spread with the actual freeway construction


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